Space Simulation Games That Lets You Live Out Your Fantasy of Galactic Domination

The space exploration, interstellar trips, and of course, the aliens are the commons elements in the sci-fi gender. Theses elements aren’t only available in the Asimov books or the George Lucas films. One of the classics video games is Space Invaders, also known as ‘alien killer’ from the old-fashioned games machines

Fortunately, today we haven’t to be worried about the ‘insert coin’ alert of theses old machines. We can enjoy thousands of games directly from our iPhone.

If what you like is command virtually a spacecraft and killing aliens, you’ll love this selection of space simulation games for iPhone.

1. SKY FORCE 2014

Let’s get started in the most classic arcade game: Sky Force 2014 from Infinite Dream. The game is inspired by Space Invaders, but its design gets focused in the ninetieth line of the sci-fi gender. In fact, Sky Force can be called itself as a classic game in the mobile scene. It was launched ten years ago for Symbian, Palm Os, Pocket Pc and released for the iPhone platform when this one was born two years later.

Keeping the old essence style, Sky Force 2014 includes some quality graphics effects perfectly synchronized with its frenetic rhythm game. If you like the action space and reflex games where you can’t stop shooting to ultimate enemies and dozens of missions to complete, Sky Force 2014 is without any doubt a great option for you.


If Sky Force isn’t enough old arcade game for you, Radiant from Hexage will take you straight to the eighty years due to its pixelated and vectorial graphics. An arcade ‘shoot’em up’ that doesn’t hide its intention to be a replica of Space Invaders, but of course, improved and with the special features and the rhythm of the mobile phones.

Radiant keeps the essence of its graphics design but it includes more power-ups and improves in the spacecraft. The game rhythm gets accelerated gradually like in the old-fashioned games machines. In consequence, killing aliens, avoid asteroids and defeat the ultimates enemies of every level are an authentic challenge to your reflexes.


We change the focus of the old graphics design to talk about a first person space shooter game with an amazing third dimension graphics and with an authentic sci-fi history.

In Galaxy ON FIRE 2 HD from Deep Silver, you’ll feel almost like in a space flight simulation game with the feature that you’ll be in planets, asteroids, and enemies space stations. You’ll enjoy plenty action missions and space combats and the freedom to explore as you want the space. Turn off the lights, connect the headphones and enjoy the experience of play in your iPhone an incredible game.


This game from Mi-Clos Studio can’t miss in a best space simulation games for your iPhone. Nothing about action or shots at this time. Out there is a game which combines a space adventure and the way how you manage the resources.

In this video game, you have to act like an astronaut who has been sent to the exterior space to find natural resources or uninhabitable planets for the earthling. You’ll have to travel through differents stellar systems, explore planets, pick resources and try to survive with oxygen and limited combustible. Improve your spacecraft with the resources that you find will be an essential part of your mission, as such as decipher messages in the alien language.

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