Sims FreePlay Still Kicking Strong in 2017 Despite Rampant Cheaters

Can't believe it's already been 5 years since The Sims FreePlay has come out. When EA took control of the Sims franchise from Maxis and started getting into the mobile-space, many original Sims fans were devastated. EA is known for destroying the spirit of the game in favor or profiteering and this move has not been popular in the Sims community. Despite the skepticism, Sims Freeplay is going strong as ever.

Being made available for iOS and Android was the smartest move EA could make because of how popular mobile games are these days. While the core of the gameplay remained faithful to other Sims games, there was one addition that pissed off the gamers to take actions: in-app purchases. In the center of the Sims FreePlay economy are following virtual currencies: Life Points (or LP), Simoleons (money) and Social Points. If you've played SIms FreePlay, there's no need to explain what these do.

Because of this exploitative move on EA, many Sims FreePlay cheaters and hackers have sprung up around the corners of the internet like cockroaches. There are many sites that claim to generate unlimited LifePoints like from the likes of The Emerald Sims Estates. However, it is advised to stay away from online hack tools like this due to risks associated with using something like this.