Galaxy Pirate Adventure Rebrands as Galactic Phantasy for iOS

Galaxy Pirate Adventure, the beloved space action-RPG game that pits you in the hot seat of cutting edge space simulation is available on iOS exclusively. Since its creation in 2011, the game has gone through many updates and has even been renamed and rebranded as Galaxy Phantasy. The name has changed but the action packed spaceship riding, resouce managing and space-combat gameplay has not only improved but has been perfected. For an on-the-go, mobile space simulator, it is hard to beat Galaxy Pirate Adventure to quench your thirst for your ambitions to dominate the space game.

Space Simulation Games That Lets You Live Out Your Fantasy of Galactic Domination

The space exploration, interstellar trips, and of course, the aliens are the commons elements in the sci-fi gender. Theses elements aren’t only available in the Asimov books or the George Lucas films. One of the classics video games is Space Invaders, also known as ‘alien killer’ from the old-fashioned games machines Fortunately, today we haven’t…